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          Synchronize your Amazon transactions in real time


          Connect one or more Amazon marketplaces


          Configure integration with custom mappings or start quickly with our setup wizard


          Automated real-time transaction imports, up to the minute


          Run detailed financial reports to gain better insight into your business and maximize profits

          Powerful Features

          • Real-time transaction import and inventory tracking
          • Supports both FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (fulfillment by merchant) transactions
          • Flexible and advanced SKU mapping
          • Categorize items and their income and fees into classes
          • Support for inventory bundle and kit items
          • Automatically record sales tax, including marketplace facilitator taxes
          • Automatic settlement reconciliation
          • Connect specific income and fees to accounts in your chart of accounts
          Computer with QuickBooks Online Screen

          Gain Valuable Insight

          • Discover your most or least profitable items
          • View a breakdown of revenue and hidden expenses on your top and bottom line
          • Generate up-to-the-minute financial reports
          • Optimize your inventory forecasting
          • Track refunds, returns, replacement orders, and reimbursements